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Hello I’m Timothy Rich the Executive Director of the Rich Foundation. Rich or reaching innocent childrens’ hearts is a mobile outreach program connecting youth, the most vulnerable demographic in our community, to different resources around Baltimore city. As many of these youth are in survival mode, we meet them where they are in high risk areas and urban settings where they have experienced trauma. The Rich Foundation provides mobile assistance to support children in obtaining life sustaining services from partnering organizations. The Rich Foundation is strengthening communities surrounded by violence, trauma, poverty and oppression while building community, educational institutions focusing on grassroots related issues.The Rich Foundation provides mobile services as an access point to youth in our partner organizations. We provide a resource list, educational resources, vocational training as pathways to success that changes the lives for the youth we serve and allows them to thrive and succeed in a community that has been directly impacted by trauma and violence.

About The Founder

Timothy Rich Founder and Excutive Director for the R.I.C.H foundation. R.I.C.H stands for Reaching Innocent Children Hearts mr rich has created a mobile resource outreach program that connects high risk trama informed youth to education in resources around Baltimore city meeting them where they are approach In the streets, Barbershops, Schools, Hangout spots. R.I.C.H provides mobile assistance to help them achieve services from other organizations for youth to live a positive in sustainable life free from trauma in oppression.


Mr rich grow up in Baltimore city in has worked first hand with youth for over 12 years He his self has seen a lot of trauma throughout the years working in baltimore Juvenile justice system. Mr rich witnessing young men being murdered in incarcerated became a cycle in the streets of baltimore as the youth left the juvenile system he grew worried about where they future would take them knowing the story of each youth he decided to take action to create a better outcome for the carbon footprint of young youth changing one at a time.


His model of ‘‘‘Each One Teach’’ strengthens community hands on as he is a father to his two boys who are also youth age there selfs he shows the same love to every youth he encounters while doing the work daily either as coach rich or at his job today working with youth. He works to see the day community is free from stigma trauma and violence, oppression, poverty in the beloved baltimore.

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